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Gatlyn Troutman
Digital Marketing Specialist

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📱 I have a passion for creative marketing that delights audiences, from snappy websites to buzzworthy social media campaigns.

💯 Whether it’s forming a strategy or developing the creative firsthand, I believe in doing quality work that both the client and agency will look back upon proudly in the future.

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Skills and emphases

  • Client

  • Strategic Plan

  • Competitive

  • Digital

Digital capabilities

  • Email Campaigns

  • Pay-Per-Click Management

  • Social Media Ads

  • Web Development

Gatlyn Troutman | Innovative Digital Marketing Specialist

Gatlyn Troutman
Susquehanna University ’18
Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Professional Experience

Case Studies

To drive foot traffic to its coalition of breweries at a sustainable marketing budget, River Rat Brew Trail needed better integration between its website and Facebook ad campaigns.



We developed a custom-built store that allowed for seamless synchronization with its social media ads. The company can now track customers’ online and offline journeys, retarget likely-to-convert audiences, and attribute sales down to the specific ad.


The breweries saw an immediate increase in tourism from surrounding metro areas.

Facing increasing competition from national brands, Jackastle Log Homes needed a cost-effective way of finding buyers for its custom-built houses.



We launched a Google Ads campaign with thoughtfully-crafted landing pages targeting interested buyers in their sales area. The ads and landing pages highlight Jackastle Log Homes’ unique advantages and invite visitors to tour their model log home.


The home-builder ranks first among competitors in top-of-page rate, and delivers leads consistently at a CPC far-below the national average.

Shade Mountain Winery wanted to expand its online sale of wine across the country, but its off-the-shelf store made it difficult to comply with state-to-state shipping laws and alcohol taxes.



We built an online store from the ground up, integrating a third-party solution to follow individual state regulations. The new system verifies buyers’ age and automatically creates shipping labels so the staff can focus on what they do best: making great wine.


The winery now sells its full selection of wine in nearly 40 states. Customers quickly took advantage of the winery’s new ability to offer short-term promotions and discounts for larger orders.

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